Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 19

Today's post is brought to you by my smallest & oldest kid, Chula the Chi! She's not typically a winker but I caught her right before she was going to scratch her face. See the back foot? LOL! If you think Finnashit loves his mama and has to follow her everywhere, Chulita is worse. She's my shadow and whines when she can't see or touch me. Damn kids.

This weekend was Mama's Day & not only did I spend some loving time with mine but I also visited my favorite paper store, Paper Source. It truly is my happy place! The folks there are so friendly and helpful & I really wish I could stick the whole store in my car and go home. I didn't stop by for myself though I know, so sad. I stopped by to get some goodies for Mama Carrizo. She's into paper goodies too which is probably where I got my obsession. Thanks mom!

Mama Carrizo had to work this weekend so I stopped by her job and we ate Chinese grub. So she got some goodies she'd been wanting and Paper Source+Homegoods made it happen. You can't possibly be surprised that I mentioned Homegoods right? Lol! I'm thinking of doing a separate post showing Mama Carrizo's gifts. Nothing too fancy but she seemed to really like them.

Check out Remidog's smiley face and my favorite part of our backyard -> Red, the barn. I swear it was in the top 5 things that sold this house for us. I mean, who doesn't want a red barn? Haha!

I rearranged my office again. I think I'm finally happy with the way it is now and will take a better pic soon. I think having inspiring words above your "creativity desk" are 100% effective and I recommend it to everyone.

I played with my Project Life this weekend. I'm trying to get back to working on a week every Sunday like I did at the beginning of the year. I felt like that really worked for me and slacking off hurt my progress. 


Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!

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