Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Project Life | Wk 12

Today I'm sharing Week 12 of my Project Life. I can't believe it's been a month since I posted my pages. See what had happened was... No, really. I ran out of ink and paper for the Selphy & when I finally bought it.. the inspiration was gone. I wasn't ready to give up though. There's no due date on this. I'm a month behind. No big deal.

Once again I blurred out my journaling. Still haven't figured out a good way to do that. I wrote a lot this week which means I had a busy week. Yay! I went with green again because St. Patrick's Day duh! I didn't have anything else green so I wore green on my socks & it worked! 

I had my first movie date with Connie from Momma of Dos who should be called Busy Momma of Dos haha! I swear that woman is a Super Hero! She gets so much done daily and still has time to take me on a date haha! She also took me to dinner and the grub was delicious!

Jayla, my favorite child, is getting old and it breaks my heart. This girl & I have been together for almost 9 years and we've been through a lot. Life situations mostly, not any medical issues thank goodness! But her age is catching up to her and she's not the same kid she once was. Saddens me but I know how this works. Grandma Zoey passed away last year and we had been together for 10+ years. It's crazy that we don't get more time with our dogs but I know my past kids are in doggy heaven having a blast!

The boys sleep as hard as they play. It's why we can't have nice things. As you may already know, I buy my kids plush toys on clearance at Homegoods or Marshalls and even though they are cheap... I still get very sad when the cotton insides are all over my bedroom floor. Not really sure if it's because I have to pick it all up or because I know the toy is dead. I started a bag for toys that need to be sewed up. I plan on hooking Mama Carrizo up with because I don't sew. She won't mind, they are her grandkids haha!

I started my series #AriStumbles this week so I had to include that in my spread. Not to mention it's a selfie and I've gotta have one selfie per week LOL! I think it would be cool to see how I looked on such and such week and year, yanno?

I've got two more weeks done after this and will post them as soon as I take pictures of them!


What is Project Life? Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You use pictures with some journaling for each week of the year for an entire year. This is my second year (does last year even count?) doing PL & I'm excited to follow through.. I organize my PL cards by size, 3x4 or 6x4, not by who makes them. I do all my paper crafting goodies this way. Because of this, I won't be able to break each item down to the brand. But if I remember, I remember, haha!

For more of my PL pictures, visit my flickr page.
For more ideas on PL, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to PL.

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