Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Olive Garden | Lunch with Mama Carrizo

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal for attending this event.
The opinions expressed here are my own.
Mama Carrizo and I attended Olive Garden's grand opening on Saturday enterhappyfacehere We were given a chance at seeing the new building design with all sorts of updated elements as well as the new "Olive Garden Italian Kitchen" logo... plus eat food we love! Everyone knows someone who knows someone who is addicted to the OG's salad & bread sticks, you might even be that someone haha! 

The new design is somewhat of a contemporary feel with warm colors. The lighting and the minimalistic props gave the place a nice grown up feel. This new restaurant opened Monday, May 25th to the public at 2929 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77098 (hope this works). Roughly located on the 59 feeder between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby, northbound. It's a great location and not only will the business offices in that area benefit from it but the approximately 170 new jobs it'll be providing for folks in the area is fantastical news!

Here's what we ate & thoroughly enjoyed-
1- Garden Primavera with spaghetti substitute for the tri-colored vegetable penne
1- Seafood Alfredo with shrimp & scallops
1- Tiramisu (our favorite)

It was nice to meet with the General Manager, Lou Speaks, a 20+ veteran of the industry along with all the other employees who made sure to carry a smile from ear to ear during the entire time we were there. Good luck to everyone at this new location & muchos thanks for the invite Olive Garden!! 

Mama Carrizo stuntin' at the OG.


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