Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 | I got it for my mama

Today's post is brought to you by Mama's Day 2015. A short & sweet post about the goodies I got Mama Carrizo this year. If you remember from this post, Mama Carrizo got a stenciled pillow for her bed, a picture frame and her favorite perfume last year. 

This year I hooked her up with a few gifts. The first one is the flower pot above. Mama & I were at Homegoods duh a few weeks ago and she saw a flower pot she just had to have. Mama Carrizo has been going hard on gardening & making her flowers all pretty and shizzle. We were there for something else so she passed it up and seemed bummed about it. Later that afternoon when I wasn't with her anymore, Fancypants & I rushed to the store to get it for her. Unfortunately, someone had already purchased it & I had to settle for the next best thing. Not only was she so grateful for the gift but the fact that I remembered and "tricked" her into thinking we could go some other day to buy it made her giggle pretty hard LOL!

To continue with the pillow tradition and the need to fill Mama Carrizo's bed with mini pillows, I bought the pillow above. No, I didn't make this one though I wish I had. I bought this at Paper Source which should be no surprise ;) I picked this pillow because it's small, can be used as a head rest and the writing is in yellow which is a color my mama uses in her bedroom.

I have been harassing my mama and sisters to get a tattoo with me for a couple years now. I don't know if they are scared to get it done or if they just aren't interested. Mama Carrizo did tell me not too long ago that she wasn't scared and that she'd be down for something small. Maybe we can get a BFF tat soon haha! Anyways, I thought these new metallic tattoos, that are super popular right now, would be a funny gift for my mama. She laughed pretty hard so I'm going to assume she likes them.

Mama Carrizo is a paper lover & office supply hoarder so I thought it would only be right to hook her up with a sweet planner. Mama is very old school when it comes to her bills. She's not into paperless and when she pays bills, she always prints out the confirmation. She keeps all her bills written down in a spiral notebook and it helps her. We all have some type of system, right?

We recently talked about the benefits of using a planner when doing bills. She thought it was a great idea to have a small planner with a lot of writing space. This meant I had to hook her up. I didn't think there would be any left at Paper Source but I checked out the planner section anyways. To my surprise, there were a couple of these leather ones for 75% off. YES, 75% off. This planner is from Aug. '14 - Jan. '16 so she'll only get 8 months out of it but it'll give her a good idea of what her next planner will be as far as size and writing area goes.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's day surrounded by family & friends <3

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