Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cobalt Blue makes me happy

Photo taken by me at my favorite store, IKEA
I like all shades of blue but I am obsessed with Cobalt Blue and it's close friend, Cerulean Blue. It's basically a super electric blue and I can't get enough of it. I've been in love with the color Blue since I was about 6. Before that, Purple was my main bitch but it just wasn't meant to be...

I wanted to share with you some of the Cobalt Blue things that I've been obsessing over. I want to add more blue things to my home like painting a wall in my bedroom or office or maybe getting one of those sweet sofa or chairs for my office. My husband totally disagrees with painting one wall in our bedroom this color. He says the color is way too bright and won't allow him to sleep -fist in air- dammit! So I'll paint one of the walls in my office Cobalt Blue and enjoy the fantastical view! HA!

Maybe I should start off with a small Cobalt Blue chair and stick it in a common room so that my husband can adapt? LOL!

If my house wasn't mostly red brick, the door would be bright blue for sure. Of course I'd have to finish it before my husband got home & hope that he wouldn't make me paint over it in some lame ass color haha!

Look how freaking clean these beds look. Haysoos! The first one is of a wall paper in Cobalt Blue with trim in the same color. Could be used as a "headboard" for your bed or just an accent to the wall. You can't argue that Cobalt Blue and White look glorious together. It's not easy to find bedding in this color, I guess its cause folks prefer lighter colors? Since my husband won't let me put it in our room, I'll find bedding for our guest bed. HA!

If you love Blue too, follow my board on Pinterest and if you see something you think I might like, tag me. I wanna see!!

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