Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 17

Today's post is brought to you by a a cute succulent family E put together for our kitchen. Mama Carrizo hooked us up and we were going to can the succulents like this post but we had a lot of glass containers from some old flower setups so we used one of those instead. E put big rocks at the bottom and we filled up the gaps with little rocks. Added some soil and our succulents. We then added some leftover little rocks to the top and ta-da, we had a new setup. :)

Finally found a cap for my Sony NEX-3N (affiliate link). I lost it sometime in February and couldn't find one that was at a decent price. Problem with paying too much is that the cap doesn't grip the lens as well as it should. I check it multiple times when I'm out to make sure it's not loose. I figured it may just be my cap, but the Amazon reviews pretty much all said the same. Bummer.

Being the smallest kid in Casa de Reed is tough, just ask Chula, the Chi. She is the smallest yet oldest kid we have. She yelps a lot when she's in the danger zone, a.k.a. Remidog or Finnashit's walking path. She's usually somewhere near me, preferably touching me. She enjoys sleeping in my lap and I don't mind it so much because she hardly weighs anything. She's just 4 freaking pounds!

Blue Bell ice cream removed all their ice cream from stores and although I am grateful and incredibly proud of them for initiating this major move... I freaking miss them & want my cookies n' cream back. Yes, there are a lot of other brands I could go with but it's just not the same..

I received Houstonia's May magazine and the fact that they chose to address breakfast spots in Houston makes me love them even more. I love breakfast! It's my favorite meal and one I could eat three times a day, pretty much every day. There's also a great article about a 4-legged kid from Holland who found himself as part of Houston's homeless dog population.

New neighbors moved in this weekend. They have a rottie and I'm sure you can imagine how excitamated Remidog has been. We couldn't walk into the kitchen without him hopping and skipping in front of us in hopes that we would open the door for him to go outside. This stresses me the hell out because it means an even closer eye needs to be on Remidog because he's a jumper & an asshole with strangers. Sigh.

I finally bought ink & paper (affiliate link) for my SELPHY (affiliate link) which means I've been trying to catch up on my Project Life. I'm about three weeks behind so I'll be rolling those out pretty soon. Woohoo!

Cheers to another week!

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