Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Paper Files | 1

Today I'm sharing a new series called The Paper Files. I got the idea from a series Caylee did on her blog called My week in paper. She collects paper goodies from her week, scans them and shares them. Scanning is good when you're a paper hoarder, like so many of us are. :) Thanks to Connie from Momma of Dos for the great series name <3

I decided to put my own little spin on it and share all types of paper goodies new to my life. I'm really big into journals (although I don't journal as much as I probably should be) so there won't be any scanning on this series. I'm also not sure I'll be keeping the title of this series. I tried so hard to come up with something short & clever but it didn't happen yet. I'm sure it'll come to me when I least expect it like when I'm feeding my kids, stuck in morning traffic (like today) or while picking my nose haha!

I love journals. Duh! There's just something about clean lined pages that makes me giddy. Corny, I know but it's true. The way it feels and smells is pure happiness to me. It's also the same way I feel about the smell of brand new books. 

I found this journal at Marshall's as I do most of my journals. I've decided that every visit to Marshall's requires a purchase of a journal of some type. I swear I'll use them all one day but for now they can sit in my bookshelves looking pretty. There's a couple things I like about this journal..

I like that it's not a bounded notebook but spiral instead. Its much easier for me to write on it especially the left hand page. I also really like that it has a line for the date. I'm a date writing mofo because when I go back and look through my journals, I like seeing the date that I said certain things. It's a memory keeping type thing, yanno?

I love snail mail. I wish I received more of it instead of bills -sadface- I do get a postcard here and there from a friend in Cali and I swear it puts the biggest smile on my face. I'm pretty sure she knows it too! Hey YoYo! I love sending post cards and even bought a Where's Waldo? (affiliate) postcard book a couple years ago. A few of my favorite folks received them and I'm sure they got a kick out of searching for Waldo. I want to start sending postcards to folks again cause snail mail really is awesomesauce!

I bought Naughty Little People Postcards (affiliate) on Amazon to do just that. These really aren't appropriate for everyone cause some folks don't have this type of humor, but I couldn't pass it up and if you do have this naughty sense of humor, you'll laugh your ass off for sure. Hit me up if you'd like me to mail ya one :)

Mama Carrizo found this book along with other years in an antique shop. She bought one for each of her kids and one for herself. I was amazed and amused at the information from the year I was born, 1984. The music was most amusing for me because I actually really like all these tracks & it never crossed my mind that they came out in '84. I was amazed at what a movie ticket cost back then, $2.50. Yikes! Things have surely changed, haven't they?

I'm pretty excitamated about this series and I hope you are too.
Maybe you'll join in and show me some paper goodies you recently ran into.

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  1. So glad to know I'm not the only notebook hoarder. I was trying to curb it but I will have to get a special box for them soon.


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