Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Target does it again | Divided Containers for $1

Today I'm sharing these little boxes I found at Target in the Dollar Spot. If you too are under Target's spell, you are probably very familiar with the Dollar Spot. I always stop here first when I hit a Target up. It's a must. A tradition meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Haha!

The Dollar Spot is perfect for paper lovers because they have all sorts of goodies. Sticky notes, calendars, greeting cards and cute paper clips. It's also great for kids. I've bought some Batman goodies and even Paul Frank.

When I found these containers I didn't think of putting embellishments in them. I was instead hoping that the container was full of the things on the image like the paper clips and thumbtacks. Not so much the buttons and the pencil sharpeners. How many sharpeners do you really need? Haha! 

I bought two in hopes that they'd be useful somehow. When I was paying for them (and the random things I bought that I didn't need), I realized these would be great for the wood veneer alphabet sets that I have. I knew then that I would stick whatever small embellishments I had in order to find some order in the chaos that is my crafty goodies.

I haven't been to a Target since I bought these Gasp, I know! but I hope to come across them again. I'm sure they are a good seller because it's such a versatile little container. If you're in Houston and find these little guys, let me know! I'd definitely be down to snatch some more up. :)


I'm two weeks behind on Project Life but I'm not trippin'. The idea of doing one page per week makes it amazingly easy to put a spread together. As soon as I stop procrastinating the Amazon order of my photo printer's paper & ink.. I'll get right back to it. Haha!

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  1. the dollar spot gets me every time! Love these little containers.


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