Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sponsored | SNICKERS® Who are you when you're Hungry

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It's true, I am definitely not myself when I'm hungry and I find myself apologizing to those around me quite often. Mostly my husband. My poor, poor husband.

I can get very cranky and down right rude if it's been too long since I've fed my belly. It kind of has a mind of it's own. My belly that is. I'm sure you know what I mean and if it's not you, you might have someone in your family (or a friend) that gets pretty nasty when they haven't had something to eat. We've all seen the hilarious commercials right?

The happy-not-cranky Reeds :)

I have a really bad habit of going to events, family/friend gatherings (that don't involve food. How cruel right?) and the grocery store without eating first. Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is probably the meanest thing I've ever done to my belly. It's like I'm taunting it and I'm sure the noises coming from my belly is of some weird language where my belly isn't being very nice.

In comes SNICKERS® and its life changing ways! No really, it is life changing even the little bites are. Which is why the last time I hit Krogers up, I bought the SNICKERS® fun size bags as a backup for those cranky moments. The fun size bags are found in the Candy/Chip aisle and super duper easy to find. If you just want a bar, regular sized or large, you can find those near the front registers. Be warned though, the smaller the bites, the more you will eat!

Below you'll find my must haves. Keys, wallet, sunglasses and SNICKERS® are a must. Wait, lip gloss too Haha! I'm sure you can relate to my belly hunger and have had an amazing experience with SNICKERS® and it's tastiness. Care to share a story?

Enter the SNICKERS® "Who are you when you're hungry?" contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your Computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create something new! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59AM ET on 7/15/15. 

See more great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS® social hub.

Note: I made the cut out in the first picture with my Silhouette Portrait. If you have a Silhouette and would like a chance to download, please go here. It will open in Google Drive and will not show a preview but it will download correctly. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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