Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Love | Paper Source 04.03.15

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Today I'm sharing goodies from one of my favorite stores, Paper Source! Since there's not a lot of extra cash hanging out in my wallet lately, I figured some online window shopping wouldn't be too bad. These are six things I'm crushing on :)

You are so loved: I'm crushing on this art print because it puts a smile on my face. Motivational art prints are fantastical for your casa. Especially in your bedroom since art in this room will be seen first thing in the morning and last when you fall asleep.

Dammit Doll: I'm crushing on this doll because we all have those bad days. The Dammit Doll is okay with punching, pinching, pulling, throwing, squeezing and many more things! It's a great frustration reliever haha!

Gold Journal: I'm crushing on this journal because it's Kate Spade duh! and it's gold! I don't normally gravitate towards gold paper goodies but now that the trend has been around for a while, I think it might be growing on me.

Trinket Dish: I'm crushing on this dish because it's a sweet reminder of how special you are. The fox is adorable and the dish is small enough to not take a lot of room, yet big enough to hold your jewelry.

Hello Sunshine: I'm crushing on this iPhone 5 case because its bright!. I'm pretty sure I don't own anything yellow, clothes wise or gadget wise. This would be a good change to Shanks, my iPhone, because yellow is a warm and cheerful color. Not sure I'm ready to give up my Donut case yet though..

Tea Towel: I'm crushing on this tea towel because DONUTS! I think it would be hilarious to have this in my Kitchen. I found that Paper Source has a number of Donut goodies for anyone who loves donuts! I couldn't help it and added this and this to my wishlist :)

Have a fantastical weekend & Happy Easter!
See you Monday with a recap of my weekend with Weekend Snapshots!

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