Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Love 04.24.15 | Mother's Day 2015

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Today I'm sharing some goodies I found for Mother's Day! Yes, it's that time of the year again. Moms all over the country will be showered with mucho love as usual. Remember that this day isn't just for the lady who birthed you, but for the folks (male/female) that have showed you the type of love moms are known for. 

Art - Kids everywhere can relate to this print. Moms are not to be messed with when they are hangry. It's a fact. Hell, even folks who aren't moms should make you cautious too.  Haha!

Deco - These little pears from Etsy have been in my favorites since forever. I swear I'm going to hook my mama up one day! I think they are stinking adorable!

Candle - My mom is a candle fanatic like I am. Her favorite fragrance since forever has been Gardenia. Every time we hit Marshalls or HomeGoods, we search the aisles for Gardenia candles. 

Mug - Moms need coffee. Lots of it. No matter what age they are. It gets them going when there's a crapload of things on their plate. I think this mug will definitely bring a huge smile to any mama.

Trinket Dish - Moms like jewelry and this is perfect for it. She can keep it on her night stand, dresser or even near her bathroom sink. It's a cute dish that keeps her favorite bling (possibly given to her by you) safe & in one place.

Kitchen Deco - Admit it, you've said or thought the words on this towel multiple times. I know I have. There's a reason why moms are so awesome. They just know everything!

Card - Gifts are cool and all but the card is where its at. My mom would laugh so freaking hard at this card but not all moms would be down for this. Haha! I think cards have the potential of getting any mama emotional so please don't forget to get or make a card.

Have a fantastical weekend!
See you Monday with a recap of my weekend with Weekend Snapshots!

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