Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 13

Today's post is brought to by the Finnashit & the reason why we can't have nice things. Sigh There will never be a Weekend Snapshots that doesn't include Finnashit. It's inevitable because he is a pain in my ass & is constantly doing something that needs to be documented. When he sleeps, he looks like such a sweet kid and yet somehow manages to mutilate all toys in his path when he is awake. Well, toys & shit he knows he's not supposed to like the couch cushions. He looked genuinely sorry for doing it when he was scolded but we all know he's probably going to do it again. There is nothing wrong with dog shaming in my book haha! See, it's why we can't have nice things. Sigh

I'm enjoying the beautiful roses in Casa de Reed's backyard. They are a little out of control & we don't mind it. The previous owners lined them down the back of the house and they can be seen from the Master bedroom and my office. They also planted some flowers with pretty colors in the front of the casa. They are blooming like crazy and also look a little out of control haha!

The weekend skies were glorious in Houston! I think it rained Saturday morning (or was it Sunday morning?) but I was asleep so whatevs! I think we were in the late 70's if not at 80 degrees with nice breezes here and there.

It took 31 years but my insides match my outsides now haha! I can officially say that I'm a Mac & it feels stupendous! E & I had been debating it for some time now because my Dell was acting like a whiny little girl & I was pretty much done with Vista. So what did my husband do? He surprised me with a Mac Mini for my birthday! It's taking some getting used to but I'm super duper happy with it!! Yes I said stupendous & super duper. #dontjudgeme

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!
Congratulations to Thomas Murphy for winning the Land O'Lakes giveaway! Please make sure to check your inbox for my email & reply as soon as you can so we can get your winnings sent to ya!

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