Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday Fotos+Words | ThriveBlogCon

credit: Momma of Dos

Thrive was started by two Houston bloggers (Whitney blogs at "The Observant Turtle" and Bree blogs at "The Thing About Joy") who wanted to create a place where bloggers could come and be inspired, motivated, and learn how to make their blog Thrive! 
In the blogging world there is so much competition and too many "to-do" lists. Thrive was created to get rid of the competition between bloggers, and to encourage bloggers to work together! At the Thrive Conference, competition is removed and friends are made. Everyone works together as a team to learn how to grow the blogging industry together, and to support each other. When one blogger thrives, all bloggers Thrive! 

Thrive Conference 2015 is a Friday Night Celebration and a jam packed day on Saturday. We want everyone to grow together, and learn together, so we have decided to keep everyone in one room! That's right. All of the sessions will be in one room together, so no one will miss out on a session. By having everyone in one room, we are encouraging networking, sharing ideas, and growing together! - Thrive Blogger Conference
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credit: Momma of Dos

credit : Momma of Dos

If you've never been or heard of a blogger conference, I suggest you look them up in your city. I've been to a few now and I really enjoy them. It gives you a chance to learn from your peers and work with folks you love! Not to mention you get to hang out with the blogger buddies you already know. Oh, and if you're like me.. you can geek out when you meet a blogger you've been following for years haha!

In case you couldn't tell, I had a good time at this conference meeting folks and learning from some pretty talented people. See you next year Thrive!

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