Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thrift Finds | 1 of '15

Today I'm sharing some Thrift Finds from yesterday. I haven't had much luck lately & it bums me out. I'm not comfortable with the way thrift stores have been pricing their goodies lately. It used to be affordable but now that everyone and their mama is shopping at thrift stores, it seems like the prices are getting jacked way up. What bothers me even more is that some of these stores receive their goodies as a donation so in reality there's no need to jack the price up because they are making a profit regardless. Damn politics.

I found that Goodwill's in my area still have decent prices so I bookmark their location or write a small note in my iPhone about them. This is a really good tip when thrifting. You don't want to forget that a particular store smelled like ass, had broken locks on the doors in the fitting room, badass little kids were running amuck, or that the prices were ri-DONK-ulous.

Let's start off by looking at four things I didn't buy. Why, oh why, did someone think it was okay to donate a Cookie Monster Piñata? I mean, if it was purchased and didn't get used, this just isn't something you donate or sale. Cookie Monster is a must have and even more so when he's a piñata! Duh! I almost bought the LEGO radio/alarm clock. When I went to plug it in I crossed my fingers in hopes that it would work. No dice so I left it because I knew E would give me a WTH look if I brought it home haha! I don't know what to say about Furby, I've never been a fan and quite frankly, dude scares me. The Soundesign 1970's radio/clock would have been sweet just because vintage goodies are the best but it didn't work either. If I had a electronics repair hook-up (hmu please!!) I totally would have bought both alarm clocks. When Thrifting remember to keep things in perspective. No need in buying cool shit that doesn't work cause chances are you'll stick it in the garage or box it up and forget about it.

I bought this wooden nut bowl whatchamacallit because my mama has one. I'm all about memory keeping, in paper and deco in my casa. As far back as I can remember, mama would take a similar bowl out at the beginning of every winter holiday. It would be full of walnuts, two nut crackers and only one pick which we'd fight over. Not bad for $1.50. Note to Self: Buy walnuts.

It's no surprise I bought this Texas plate. I've lived in the Lone Star State for 25+ years and I highly doubt I'll ever live anywhere else. I love Texas for the land, the food, the people and the crazy weather! Did you know that Texas is the second most populous and the second largest of the 50 U.S. States or that Houston is the largest city in Texas? If you didn't know, you're welcome!

I bought these wooden bowls as a set in hopes of doing a DIY project that I once saw on Pinterest. I've been searching my pins and likes for the last hour and found this one, which is not the one I saw but this is a great idea too. More on that later.

I haven't thrift shopped for clothes in a while. Mostly because I am lazy and don't want to look haha!  but I did yesterday. I found these tops and some more goodies that will be in my Vinted closet soon. Check out my closet for random goodies --> Tops, Purses, Shoes, Jeans and skinnies! 

Have you been thrifting lately? Have any luck or are the prices bumming you out too?


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