Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Project Life | Wk 9

Today I'm sharing Week 9 of my Project Life 2015. I continued the black and white theme with the color on my photos. The journaling (censored) is sufficient for me but I feel like the entire spread is missing something. I added dates on most of the pictures with the Heidi Swapp's Roller Date Stamp and even though I really love the stamp, I don't feel like the placement of them worked out on this spread. Yup, still need to work on date placement.

Still very happy with me & my BIG ideas stickers and I used one on the left picture with my friend Connie. We had a fantastical time at the Thrive Blogger Conference. I'll never forget it for many reasons but I also bought the bestest iPhone case ever. You probably know that already though.. 

Family selfies can be hilarious in my families outings. I'm sure you've noticed from past posts and/or my Instagram (shameless plug lol), right?! Getting pictures with my mama are always the best. I see mucho happy in this spread and Mama Carrizo is in it twice!!

One of my favorite pictures of us. Mama Carrizo coloring my hair. My smile looks a bit forced but it was half smile half irritation because my cabeza itched! Mama has her usual smile that makes me want to smile even more. I love the shizzle out of that lady! 

I made a collage with four pictures for the Canon SELPHY to print. These four pictures represent how we spent out 3rd year anniversary this week. He gave me two beautiful James Avery charms and I gave him a PS4 wireless headset. Females and jewelry. Males and toys. Haha!  I also made him the card and wrapped the headset in kraft paper I stamped with an I <3 You wooden stamp :)

Mmm, mimosas! They've been a thing in my casa the last month or so. E doesn't like them so I get to drink as mucho as I want! My booboo, Remidog enjoying his favorite chair. I swear my kids are spoiled rotten. They really are living the life! The dates get lost don't they? Ahh!

We got last month's Lootcrate (use my link & get $3 off) and the only food foto of this spread is from the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo cookoff. E's bossman invited us to grub it up and we were pumped about it but the weather sucked, big time. It was rainy and ccccold but the warm food was just right for us!


What is Project Life? Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You use pictures with some journaling for each week of the year for an entire year. This is my second year (does last year even count?) doing PL & I'm excited to follow through.. I organize my PL journaling cards by size, 3x4 or 6x4, not by who makes them. I do all my paper crafting goodies this way. Because of this, I won't be able to break each item down to the brand. But if I remember, I remember, haha!

For more of my PL pictures, visit my flickr page.
For more ideas on PL, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to PL.

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