Friday, March 20, 2015

#AriStumbles | 1

Today I'm sharing a new series. It will be very similar to last year's Link Line-Up but with a new name. I recently started using StumbleUpon again. According to my profile, I've been a member since 2010 and the latest update was Oct. '14. I remember being really into it at first & even downloaded the Stumble bar for whatever browser I was using at the time (probably Chrome). I don't know what kept me from continuing to "stumble" but it's been fantastical finding new reads. Check out some of the links that caught my attention this week.

A colorful DIY tin can garden on a backyard fence.

Need more storage in your bathroom shower? Add an extra shower rod to the back with a few "S" hooks. So easy and yet something like this never crossed my mind haha!

Every blogger should have this HTML cheat sheet bookmarked!

Colorful idea for succulents. You can also spray paint your tin can like the first link above.

A notebook that saves your doodles & erases after a microwave experience.

20 secret tips everyone who shops on Amazon needs to know.

This sign is pretty damn awesome!

These photos of children from around the world with their favorite toys will have you feeling some type of way.

15 awesome GIF's showing dogs saying "I'm so glad you're home!"

50 kitchen tricks to help you become a Master Chef. Okay, probably not. But these are pretty genius.


Land O'Lakes $35 gift card + butter spreader giveaway is still happening. Check it out here along with the Cinnamon Pork tacos recipe! Good luck!!

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