Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 7

Today's post is brought to you by alphabet stickers from a past Studio Calico kit. I really should sign back up for the monthly subscription but I'm just not ready. It's not cheap and I know it's totally worth it but.. sigh maybe later, later. ;)

This weekend had a sweet day in it. Valentine's Day! Mine went pretty smoothly. E & I decided not to go all out for Valentine's because our wedding anniversary is 10 days later. Instead what we do is get each other a sweet card (preferably DIY) and dinner for Valentine's day and then go all out for our anniversary.

This years dinner was Domino's Pizza, which when you think about it shouldn't surprise anyone. Definitely didn't surprise me when he suggested it. I don't like the acid reflux it gives me but.. I love pizza. Pizza, pasta, chicken and lava cakes? Yeah, it can be pretty hard to say no sometimes.. sometimes!

My card to E was definitely a DIY. I used the Silhouette again to write the words Your Face and then the stickers for I like that shit. The stickers are pink and white and the card is red.. figured those three colors would work for this holiday ;) I added some candy coated pretzels with the card. It's the DIY noms from my Valentine's Day On the Cheap post here. The sprinkles thing went well but the actual candy melt was tough. Practice makes perfect though, right?!

I pulled out the DSLR yesterday to take some shots of the kids. I have so many of them on my phone but hardly ever pull a real camera out so this was fun. The timing is crap, haha! But I think it's funny I got Remidog's butt in a shot and then later Chula's butt. LOL! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!

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