Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 5

Today's post is brought to you by our door stopper dog that continuously gets chewed on by Finn. Haha! He's a cute door stopper that we just had to have but it didn't cross our minds that our youngest would love him even more.

The weekend in Houston was pretty warm and dry. Thankfully. Houstonians never know what season we're in unless someone mentions it because our weather is a bit bipolar. No complaints here though. As long as its not 85 degrees+, I am a happy camper. 

We did some much needed yard work (& poop scooping) this weekend. Definitely not our favorite but its different now that we're homeowners. A lot is different now. There's a sense of pride and happiness when we're done doing yardwork.. so it's not too bad.

We had our first BBQ at Casa de Reed. It wasn't planned nor did we have lots of guests. My brother in law was in town so we invited him to come hang out and watch the game. I'm extremely sad that the Seahawks didn't win. I felt like they had a good season but something was a bit off in this game. It was a very close call and super entertaining, plus the halftime show was awesome. The visual effects were ridiculous and boy did I get excitamated when Missy came out. I won't mention all the young'ns on random social media that had no idea who she was and even had the nerve to say that Katy was helping Missy become big. Haysoos. Do people not use Google as much anymore? LOL!

As planned, I worked on my PL for week 5 and I'm still as excited as I expected.

As soon as the game was over, I posted a picture of the Houston Texans helmets. I mean, it's not too soon to start rooting for your team, right?!

Find me on Instagram to see all the hilarious meme's I had to post after the halftime show. I couldn't help myself, haha! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!

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