Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day | On the Cheap

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Today's post is about cheap or cheaper ways to show some love on Valentine's Day. Did you know that the average buyer spends about $116.21 for Valentine's Day? I didn't know that or these other statistics like the average annual Valentine's Day spending is $13.19 billion. I don't know if this is based just in the US or if it's worldwide, but that sure is a lot of cashola. 

Spending on your special someone is great! Who doesn't like fancy things, right? But this day isn't about money. It's about love! Share your love with sweet gifts from the heart not just your wallet.

Follow the link below to some sweet ideas that work for both males and females.

DIY Valentine's Day cards
1+3 // 2

Finding the perfect card isn't always easy or cheap. So how about making a card for your sweet<3 with the words and colors you want. All you need is a good marker and some pretty paper like source 1&3. Check out source 2 for a free printable Valentine's Day card by landeelu.com. The interwebs is your friend, search away!

 Valentine's Day Sweet Goodies
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OK, so you could make your own macarons but unless you know what you're doing.. it might be a bit much. I'm sure if you use the interwebs again and do a search for a macaron joint near by, you'll be in luck. I'm crossing my fingers that E comes through with these this year. I've never had macarons and I'm extremely curious but obviously not enough to buy them myself, haha! 

If you're into the DIY nomtastic treats game, try this DIY dipped and decorated Pretzel recipe. It's super easy and cheap. As a matter of fact, I'm debating making some this year too.

Lastly, dinner. People love food and romance so let's mix them together! Get some candles, rose petals, your prettiest plates and the most important part.. food! Cook something or order take out. This romantical gesture will not be forgotten and it gives you both a chance to talk and listen to one another.

DIY Valentine's Day Paper Craft
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Paper crafting is fun no matter your age or sex. Here are three ways you can use paper for sweet gestures.

Hit up a paint/hardware store for pink/red color swatches. Use those to write sweet thank you notes for your love. Use them as a gift card. Use them to write their name. The posibilities are endless. Use the interwebs, remember?

Post-It's can be used for all sorts of fun things, not just office work. Buy red and/or pink and write all the reasons why you love your special someone. Or maybe how they make you happy. Put them up on the bathroom mirror in a shape of a heart and BAM! the smile on their face will be like no other.

Make your love a Valentine's Day treasure hunt! How awesome would that be? Make sure it's not over 10 (& that might be pushing it) cards, you don't want your love to get impatient or bored, haha! Use the interwebs for ideas on what to write.

If you have some cash, how about looking into the following ideas too..
Estes 4606 Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter sold at most RC Hobby shops // RocknRolla [Blu-ray] or any movie // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 or any camera // Everlast Heavy Punching Bag because working out and relieving stress is a major plus // Kate Spade Sticky Note Set or anything Kate Spade haha // & GIFT CARDS!!!

Hope you have a fantastical Valentine's day!
Share the shizzle out of your love whether you're single or taken!

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