Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ikea Goodies | Paper+Plants+Storage

Today's post is brought to you by dinosaurs that live on my desk. Tiny little toy dinosaurs that Photojojo sent me a while back with my orders. Muchos thanks for the sweet desk companions. <3

Last week's Casa de Reed Wishlist had me aching, yes aching, to hit IKEA up. So of course when my mom and sister called me Monday and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere & hang out.. I couldn't hold my excitement when saying IKEA! I met the ladies there and we got to work.

When I'm alone at IKEA, I tend to go straight to what I need/want and get the hizzie out of there fast. IKEA in Houston is pretty much always packed and it makes me super panicky shrugs Since we weren't in a hurry and it wasn't crowded, we took a stroll through every dept as my sister took pictures of the awesome deco.

Initially I was there for some artificial plants and I wanted to check out this side table and this one as well. Thanks to my fantastical luck, the first table was out of stock and the second one was too small for the wall I wanted it for. This is the third time I realllllly want to buy a piece of furniture and it's out of stock. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated this made me but I woosahed and called it a day.

Did you know that IKEA has a stationary section? I know it's not in all stores and not as large but I finally got a chance to see it at my store. I have no clue how good the paper and pens are but they sure are cute. Even the paperclips and the washi tape are pretty. 

Since I'm such a big spender, I picked this notepad at a whopping $.99 and this sweet sticky notes book at the crazy amount of $1.99. The dinos surely love them! Hope to get more paper goodies in the future because paper!

The artificial plants were cute and all but I wasn't feeling them. Instead I brought home this beauty. Now just so you know, Ariana does not have a green thumb. There is nothing green or dirt like on my thumbs. I am a plant killer and it doesn't make me happy to admit that. This is why I thought artificial plants would be the way to go for me. Mom convinced me to take this guy home and even threw some learning my way. She told me this plant is known as the Money Tree or Money Plant in Central & Southern American countries. All I heard was money and snatched one up. Haha! I paired it up with a white plant pot because I figured if I wanted to paint/decorate it in the future.. it would be much easier with a white background. Wish this guy some luck, he's going to need it to survive.

I really like the Variera box I have on my desk so I bought two more. All white this time because I couldn't find the blue ones. NBD. When I bought the blue one, it was all by its lonesome in a random spot & I couldn't just leave him like that (gotta make sacrifices for the greater good, yanno?). I thought maybe I could use it for my PL cards but I didn't like the way the cards fit. Instead I used it to hold my writing utensils & it worked out. The new ones are holding stamps I use pretty often and punchers/adhesives.

Best thing about these boxes is that they come in different sizes and can be used anywhere. So if I get bored with them on my desk (probably not going to happen), I can use them in the Kitchen, Laundry Room, or the bathroom. Yeah, I might need to go back for more..

I name all my gadgets and thought I shouldn't discriminate against this guy just cause he doesn't need to be plugged up. Maybe if I name it, I'll be more careful taking care of it? Who knows but so far the names I have picked are.. Spike. Mula. Show me (as in show me the money). & Peso. Thoughts?!

I leave you with our selfie from IKEA. I must mention that the beanie I am wearing was knitted by my fantastical mother & she made a matching scarf too. Love my mama <3

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