Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Love 02.20.15 | Casa de Reed Wishlist

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Today I'm sharing five things on the Casa de Reed Wishlist. We bought our casa about three months ago and we're still in love with it. Only thing that annoys us is the wall colors. Super light yellow in our living room, green in our kitchen, and the worse one.. a dark maroon-purpleish color on one wall in our bedroom. Which happens to be the wall our bed is on. smh But these walls will be painted someday so it's no biggie.

This wishlist includes five things that will enhance our already lovely casa. I chose the Ikea mirror because I've been eyeballing it for years. It's $100 and I know I'd love it more and more everyday... but it's still $100. The paper towel gadget charger is on our list because duh! it's a charger and you can dry your hands at the same time. Oh, and the top is a wine stopper! The wood (maybe rustic) headboard is a DIY that I bet a lot of folks are interested in doing. (Pinterest said so). The image isn't from the DIY link because she made hers with a darker stain but her DIY is easy and I hope to try it out very soon (I'm in love w her blog). The side table is something I've wanted to buy for a while. I mean I've wanted a side table for our entrance (even our last house) for a while but I found this one online a few weeks ago. I like the mix of materials and the top spikes remind me of Game of Thrones LOL! The plants are something that we think would look nice in our casa, real or fake. Floor plants are what we're worried about though. We don't want our boys lifting their legs, yanno? Someday we'll buy one and see how it goes. Wish us luck :)

I'll see ya Monday with a recap of my weekend on Weekend Snapshots :)

Have a fantastical weekend!

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