Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 3

I'm on a mission to find a nomtastic Vietnamese joint by Casa de Reed. It's getting a bit ridiculous but I'm enjoying the differences. In the last 7 days I've eaten Vietnamese food 5 times and I am damn proud of it.

Let me tell you how this mission began..

We found a fantastical Viet joint near Casa de Reed within two weeks of moving in. It was called Pho Miss Saigon. It was right down the street. No, really down the street. 5 minute drive for pick up, man. The eggrolls were to die for. Everything was always warm and cooked all the way. The employees were polite and smiley. My favorite type of people!

About a month after we learned of this beautiful place, it shut down. Out of freaking no where. I'm sure you can imagine our crazy sadness. It was like a piece of our stomach was taken from us and there was nothing we could do to put it all back together.

My mission since then has been to find a replacement. It's been hard but totally worth the sacrifice :)

Above is what E ordered.. vermicelli something or another. He's satisfied no matter what but my eggrolls have to be perfect. With no mushrooms dammit!! 

Side note: The link for Pho Miss Saigon is for Yelp.com and my review is the latest (it will make you giggle). Also, I mention the food being warm and cooked all the way because the place I tried on Saturday gave me uncooked pork and that was not cool.

My favorite plate is char-broiled sliced pork with steamed rice, eggroll, and a mini salad. I really only eat the cucumbers on the salad but whatevs. This is my spirit animal food. Whatever that means..

My kids enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend. It's been pretty crappy the past week or so with rain and wild wind. Don't mind our grass.. our lawnmower broke :(

Yellow and orange leaves hanging out in our backyard. 

Peak at our living room. We represent Che and M&M's like it pays our bills. Before you ask, yes our living room walls are yellow. -puke- It wasn't us though and paint isn't cheap so we'll stick with it for a while, haha!

The time has finally come. I started Project Life, again!! Last year I only made it to two months 

This year I'm not going to slack on this though. I really enjoy making the pages and adding all sorts of goodies to my album. I'm continuing on a 12x12 Faux leather binder by Simple Stories that I bought some time last year. I chose on doing one week per page rather than on two pages. Because of this, I feel like maybe a smaller binder would be better to work with. The 12x12 is sort of intimidating. More on this later this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!

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