Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 2

Faturas from Asturias Bakery

I spent all of Saturday at my Mom's casa cleaning out her garage. She started remodeling as soon as she moved in so the garage was dumping grounds for construction material and random boxes of things she didn't know where to put yet. Hanging out with mom means we grub on some nomtastic food. 

I also spent some time with my Little Man Finn. I took him in to get neutered Friday morning and picked him up Friday evening. I don't think he's bothered by the missing "boys" as much as he's bothered by the cone of shame. When we first put it on him he froze. He wouldn't sit or lay down or move. It was cute yet sort of sad to see. He's coming around though and adapting to the dimensions of his cone. He can run in and out of rooms without running into the door frame now.. which was super funny to us. 

Sunday was a complete bum-day. We ran two errands that took less than an hour to complete and then put our jammies back on. I've always been a homebody but now that we have this fantastical casa, I don't want to leave especially when the refrigerator is full ;)

Salad noms I made Sunday night with the tasty lasagna E made for us.

This is called picada in my country. It's basically a small amount of random food in your fridge & pantry. In other words.. a nomtastic snack!

For Christmas my sister & I bought Mom a headboard for her cama. She's been wanting one but didn't know what kind until we looked on Overstock and found this one. Reasonably priced+free shipping. Recognize the Mother pillow on her bed? We made that for Mother's Day last year. Check that post out here.

The Finnashit and I heading home on Friday from his surgery. He surprised me with how alert he was. I don't remember my other kids being like that. 

My sister is going to kill me for this picture but I love it. It's real. Everyone in it is in their natural state.

Last picture of my boy again. This was Friday when we first put him in his crate. FYI, he was sent to his crate because he wouldn't calm the eff down. He kept wanting to rough house with his brother Remi and doc's orders say no rough housing. 

PSA: Please neuter your pets. Houston alone has 2.5 million homeless dogs. It's become a serious problem for our city and only we can stop it. Please make sure you not only spay/neuter your pets butt you also microchip them. We've had a couple scares with our kids and not only do they all have a microchip, but they always wear their collars and tags. Better safe than sorry, right?

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to another week!


  1. Love the pics, especially the one of your sister. I like getting candid pics, those are the best.

    1. Thanks Kristen!! Candid pics truly are the best.. I love how natural they are!


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