Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Love 01.30.15 | NB+KS

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It should be of no surprise to you that I love Kate Spade (& Saturday). And I've been itching to get a pair of New Balance shoes. So of course when these two awesomesauce companies got together and came out with five new shoes, I had to be all over it. Mentally speaking of course because $95 on shoes right now would probably make the husband a bit upset -entersadfacehere-

Anyway, New Balance and Kate Spade Saturday got together and made sweet, sweet babies. No need to discuss the news about the closing stores because hopefully we'll always have the online stores. Stay positive dammit!

So there's two models, WX811 and WX711. These shoes are limited so if you want a pair or two, you should jump on this stat! Both models are made for working out and such but we both know Shankasaurus doesn't work out unless it involves food :)

Found on Pinterest

So tell me, which one is your favorite? I'm in love with both models for WX811, the second and third pair from the top. But the last pair, WX711 is pretty sweet too. Ahh maybe someone will gift me a pair -wink wink-

I'll see ya Monday with a recap of my weekend on Weekend Snapshots :)

Have a fantastical weekend!

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  1. I got the yellow pair. It said pre order but they came Thursday!!! Now i need yellow shirts and yoga pants. Lmao.


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