Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Creativity in your Pocket

iPhone 5/5S Cases

Aren't these freaking awesome? I love the creativity these artists used on their cases. Check out Society 6 for more creative work by all sorts of artists.

iPhone cases have come a long way since the first iPhone. Seriously, check out this Google search. The first iPhone was special back then but looking back at it now, yikes! Thank you Apple for coming through and making the necessary upgrades. I currently have a 5 and I'm pretty damn happy with it. I don't plan on updating to the larger iPhone 6 any time soon. As a matter of fact, I'm really not interested in it. I love the size of the 5 and think it's perfect for my itty bitty hands and avg sized head. The 6 looks too big and I'm sure I'd get used to it but I won't make the change unless I really have to.

My case now is a Cygnett Tats Cru Street Art that I bought at Fry's on sale a while back. It was supposed to hold Shanks down until I received my eyn. The eyn case lasted over a year on Shanks and boy do I miss it. The wallet and mirror on my iPhone was genius and didn't require me to carry a purse or wallet. Since it broke, I went back to the Cygnett case and I've started crying my wallet. Sucks but I've gotten used to it so it's not that big a deal now. Thinking of upgrading to one of these cases above especially the Batman one, haha!

What kind of phone do you have and where did you get your case?

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