Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

The weekend was full of lots of activities. Home activities that is. Lots of cleaning and gardening. Yes, Ariana was gardening. Getting all types of dirt under my nails while pointing out all the earthworms so that E could toss them to a different side they could get to work on.

We were supposed to pick up our fake Christmas tree and decorations from my mama's casa that we left in the attic.. but we got busy and forgot. We did buy some ornaments for the year. I love you Hallmark! I normally like to buy one for each year but I made the mistake of taking E with me and ended up with three new ornaments. Lol!

Our Houston Texans played a fantastical game that we enjoyed at home in our jammies while doing some housework. This homeowner stuff is a nonstop job, man. It's kind of tiring but very rewarding. :)

The picture above is from a Vinted package I'm sending out today. I'm actually sending out three with Snoopy on them and a Merry Christmas card because being kind is what Vinted is all about! Have you joined yet?!

It's pretty hard to sneak up on Remidog outside so getting an alright shot of him from inside was my only chance.

Here are the three ornaments we bought for this year. The one ornament I always search for first is The Nightmare Before Christmas. They sell out immediately so finding one is always out of the question. When E found this lonely Jack Skellington box on the bottom shelf I didn't believe him, haha! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw him pull it out of the back!! Because of that find, I was obligated to buy the other two ornaments, haha!

We have three huge trees in our backyard along with four palm trees. This means we have a growing mountain of leaves every day. It sucks now but I'm sure during those hot summer days, that shade is going to be glorious for the kids! Oh, there's also poop. Grenades erwhere!!

Meet Dee, short for Tweedle Dee. We bought him and his big brother Tweedle Dum (RIP) about four years ago. We've moved three times since then and he is still holding on. Not only is he holding on but he's outlived every other fish we've had and he's grown into a massive dude.

I finally convinced E to go to Ikea with me. It wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be but it could be because I bribed him with food! It never fails! We hit Ikea up for a specific item just to find out that not only was it out of stock but they were discontinuing it. I'm sure you can imagine how upset I was. We bought a couple small things, one being these light strips. We weren't sure what we were going to use it on so we only bought one set.. hence the top and bottom of our TV missing lights. We need more stat but to be completely honest.. I don't really see them when I'm watching TV. E kept changing the colors and I wasn't noticing it at all LOL!

Hope ya had a great weekend and a fantastical week!


  1. Last year I got Jack Skeltington and Sally. This year I got the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great minds Bre, great minds!!

      Too bad my Jack is broken but I'm on a mission to find another one today and if not, I'll keep it and glue him till next years hunt lol


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