Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

New front door mat :)
My husband and I hit Home Depot this weekend. Our very first visit as homeowners. I kept telling him to slow down because my eyes were seeing everything in a new light now that we own a home, haha! 

Our main reason for going to Home Depot was to get some parts for our lawnmower. If it were up to E, we'd have a badass $400 lawnmower but umm.. there's just something about spending that much cash on something that won't be used as much. We also needed a big garbage can since we don't get one from the City due to being outside of Houston City limits -shakes fist-

We ended up buying all sorts of goodies including a floor mat and the throne room got a new toilet!! The one we had needed to be replaced, big time! This is also the first toilet that E has installed that he'll get to use daily. TMI, but still pretty awesome, haha!  Another thing we did was install our tv on a wall mount in the living room, it looks freaking awesome!! Handyman husbands are the business! 

Finnashit was all over E when he was working on the new toilet.
Finn was pretty sure he just had to help his dad, haha!

Saturday was Shop Small Business. Did you visit any small shops? I hit up two of my favorite thrift shops & boy was I excitamated. I haven't been thrifting in what seems like forever, definitely my first trip since we moved.

I bought this cute wooden box for $6. Anything that has my birth year on it is an automatic purchase for me. I can't help it, I love seeing these four numbers. I also bought some paper floor lamps. These are from Ikea that go for $15 each & I got both of mine for $4. I didn't find anything else but I'm crossing my fingers for next weekend :)

Cute little kiddy piano that actually worked that I didn't buy.

I didn't buy this either but I thought it was cute.

The white girl is definitely enjoying the new house. She's a big window watcher and this floor to ceiling living room window is what Leana Little loves!

Hope everyone had a fantastical holiday weekend!

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