Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Moon Driver at the Front Porch Pub. It's so, so refreshing!

It rained cats and dogs Saturday night, or so I'm told. I'm a heavy sleeper and apparently I slept right through it haha! After the hardcore storms, Houston always has beautiful days. That's what Sunday was, a glorious day! The Texans didn't win and honestly, I rather not talk about it :(

E and I got more work done at the casa. Our casa is starting to look like folks actually live in it haha! We really need more storage furniture. I have no where to set up shot glasses up or my M&M goodies.

Fall has arrived at our casa. This tree is in our front yard and its the only tree that is showing fall colors. Guess the rest of the trees missed the memo because they are still very green.

Remidog has beds all over the house but he insists on sleeping on the floor.

Leana Little has definitely adapted to our new home.. as you can see. :)

The Reed chicas hanging out on the couch while mom & dad do work.

E & I visited a couple of thrift stores yesterday in search of some furniture we can redo. We came across this ol' school tape recorder. What's great about this find is that I actually went to Owens in the 5th grade (not bilingual class though). Had it worked a bit better, I think I would have bought it.

Enjoy your week everyone!

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