Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

We've been at our new home for a little over a week now and it's glorious! The happiness this home brings our family is amazing! We are having fun organizing the new place and trying to figure out what colors we want on which walls. Our living room is currently a light yellow and it doesn't look too bad but it's just too much yellow for our taste.

The Texans won on Sunday! YES!! We finally let Mallet work some magic as our starting QB and boy did he come through for us. Sunday is also No Pants Sunday at our home. It basically means we don't dress up to go anywhere because it's fantastical staying at home all day. We only leave the casa if the Texans are playing which means we hit up our favorite Mexican joint again for the tastyass margaritas and we tried the enchiladas verdes!! Make ya wanna slap your mama!!

Seems about right don't ya think?! ;)

The current state of my room. The previous owners painted the room a bright ass turquoise/baby blue and yeah that's gonna have to go. I'm thinking stripes on a wall.. maybe Royal blue and white? We'll see.

I told E I was buying Rudy's BBQ on Friday and he was soo excited that he just had to show me how fat he really is. LOL!

Breakfast tacos I made Sunday morning. Eggs, sausage from Rudy's BBQ, pico, spicy carrots and queso! Mmm!

Have a great week everyone!

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