Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Snapshots


That single word describes how this weekend made us feel and how we continue to feel today. We moved in to our new home on Friday. Yay! The day started off as exciting as you'd imagine it to start for first time homeowners.. but it came crashing on us fast and hard by noon.

At noon, my husband and I realized we were missing one of our kids.

It's important you know that our kids are not runners. The kid that went missing is Leana Little, our little white girl. She is madly, deeply in love with E so I don't understand what happened. At some point during the move, she walked out of our front door and disappeared. We spent all weekend looking for her, crying for her and thanking neighbors who seemed to be genuinely concerned about our babygirl.

The pain I feel in my heart is like no other. My worries for her are all over the place. Is she indoors? Is she eating? Is she cold? Is she safe? and the most important one.. Will we ever see her again?! Leana has been a people dog for as long as I've known her. I can see her rolling with some strays until she finds a human. She's an attention whore so I'm hoping she's inside with someone cuddling her.

This is what we think happened..

She stepped outside in the garage and saw us going back and forth. Something or smell caught her attention and she went closer to check it out. When she finally looked back up, she realized she was lost. She looked everywhere for us and couldn't find us.. so she found the first human and became their BFF. Leana has a little limp due to a shorter back leg (she was hit by a car years ago before she was part of our family) and she also has a little tattoo indicating she's a fixed female. I'm hoping these two things lead the human who has her to the vet or a shelter. Leana was not wearing her collar but thankfully she is chipped.

Aside from Leana Little missing.. there was a mix up with our utilities at the new home. We won't have power or water until sometime today. Crossing our fingers. Thankfully, our new neighbors are amazing people and hooked us up with an extension cord. How awesome are they?! They'll be getting tasty treats from us as soon as our power is back on. 


Our realtor took us to a sweet Mexican joint for lunch on Saturday. It was so good that E & I went back for dinner yesterday :) We are huge Mexican food lovers.. it's just so damn delicious!! Oh and the margaritas are off the chancla!! We will be back for sure.

Click the above picture for a bigger view. This is our new backyard, red barn and all!! On the left you can see Jay was walking around during the panoramic shot so she looks funny haha! In the far middle you can see Finn dropping a deuce lol and Remidog sniffing the place up.

Please send puppy prayers to the puppy gods to help bring our little girl back. Our new home is not the same. Yeah, we have four other kids.. but she is part of our family and we miss her terribly. The whole reason for buying our own home was so that our entire family could enjoy it.. without Leana, the family is incomplete.

Hope you had a good weekend and an even better week!

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