Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Remi Project strikes again

About two months ago, a mama dog had six puppies. Once the kids were ready to explore the world, they figured out a way to get out of the fence you see above. They lived in a house down the street from my work so we got to hang out with them almost daily. It broke our heart to see them roam the busy street we're on. Thankfully, I work with people who are dog lovers so we made sure to keep an eye on them, feed them and give them water. No dog or animal will be left with out water and food while I'm around. Being the huge dog lover that I am, it became a major goal for me to get these kids a good home. I shared the picture you see above on multiple social networks and asked my friends to do the same.

I can now tell you that all of them have been adopted by lovely people who are genuinely interested in their well-being. The white and brown little boy is the only one left but from what I understand, the owner wants to keep him. My next goal is to get him fixed before he gets old enough to get his mama preggos.

Yesterday the last little pup (above) was adopted by a coworker who was ecstatic to take her home to his daughter. They named her Manchita, which is similar to Spot in Spanish. His little girl was so excited, she cried for twenty minutes straight. Manchita is the only 4-legged kid at this home and has her very own human sibling.. I'm sure you can imagine my happiness!

Thanks to all that shared and left positive comments to get these kids adopted. Saving dogs is truly an amazing feeling that I will never get tired of! If you see an animal that needs a home, please help them. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We need to help educate folks on how to raise a dog and how to treat them as a family member, not just some random animal. We are their voice and if we turn our backs on them, who will defend them?!

If you can't help an animal by adopting, look into donating your time at a shelter or rescue or even a couple of bucks. Those couple of bucks might not mean much to you but I guarantee you it'll go a long way.

For more info on The Remi Project, visit us on Facebook. We post dog funnies, news and share pictures of dogs that are in need of your help!

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