Saturday, November 15, 2014

#LovePreLoved - The Secondhand Movement

First L.A.M.B. bag I purchased on Vinted at a sweet, sweet price!

Vinted launched a campaign, #LovePreLoved, this month to help spread the love and idea of buying secondhand clothes. I think its a great idea & since I love Vinted, let me tell you a bit about my secondhand buying experience.

Growing up with immigrant parents, living paycheck to paycheck, it was a normal thing to buy secondhand. My mom and I would hit up garage sales & flea markets pretty often. As a curious little girl, I looked forward to these adventures with her. Every trip had the potential of finding something sweet at a great price.

Secondhand was such a big thing for us that my mom opened up a shop in a flea market for a while. She sold all sorts of goodies.. clothes, furniture, shoes, purses, appliances.. the list goes on and on. In a way, you could say buying & selling helped pay for some of our monthly bills. Years later, mom gave it another shot & opened up a local store. The odds were against her which she accepted and she ended up moving on.

Vintage Batman shirt & Hurley shorts. Both barely used.

Local stores are awesome but this is where Vinted is different. You don't have to drive anywhere to buy cute shoes for that party next week. You don't have to worry about long lines or dirty stores. On Vinted, you can buy from the app on your cell phone or their website on a computer. 

Secondhand buying at it's finest, people!!

The app makes buying and selling very simple and it's all at your finger tips. Make new friends & follow folks that have similar tastes in apparel as you do. 

One of my favorite purchases that I found through the Vinted app, is the colorful L.A.M.B bag above. It's my first & only one cause these are not cheap. Yikes! Vinted made it conveniently cheap for me though. Thanks to the lovely female who had used it for years and was now ready to part with it. There's no reason why something you loved and cherished can't be loved and cherished by me. We've all heard Macklemore's Thriftshop, haven't we?!

Join in on the fun by checking out #LovePreLoved and #Vinted on your favorite social network. You'll see how many folks love & even brag about their secondhand purchases. 

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