Thursday, November 13, 2014

Babygirl is BACK!

After six days and so many tears.. we finally got our little girl back & we couldn't be happier! Our family is complete and now we can fully enjoy our new home!

We are incredibly grateful to have so many people genuinely concerned about our kids as if they were 2-legged kids. Since Leana Little went missing I've received multiple texts/FB msgs every day from random friends asking me if I had any news. Knowing that I have friends that care about me and my kids is an amazing feeling.

The lady who saved Leana Little, Kelly, is our freaking hero! She just so happened to have Friday off and saw Leana heading towards a main intersection. She couldn't let that happen so she somehow got our kids attention and she kept her safe for six days. Not only that but she took Leana and her own kid, Willie, to her brother's casa which is a casa on a whole bunch of land. Leana was totally living it up in her mini vaca from us. She was having a blast while we were all so, so sad. Kind of makes me giggle haha! She was a little weirded out by the new casa & the kids were all in our grill when they finally saw her!

Leana Little was saved because of her microchip. I cannot express how important these little chips are. If Leana ended up at a shelter that was at capacity and she didn't have a chip, her chances of survival could have been ridiculously slim. What's great about these chips is that they aren't pricey and can be done pretty easily. If you don't already have your pets microchipped, please look into it. It is completely worth it.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who showed us love these last couple of days!
We are forever grateful! <3

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