Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Snapshots Are Back!

The weather has been glorious in the H since Fall started. Leana Little has definitely been enjoying the weekend in the sun. She naps it up until her little brother tackles her. We're working on manners but Finnashit doesn't always get it.

This weekend we enjoyed some lazyness at the casa and we watched our Houston Texans finally win a game after a couple back to back losses. We also received word that we're closer to having a final decision on the casa we put an offer in a couple of weeks ago. Eek!

Little Man Finnashit isn't as little as he used to be. Still smaller than his big brother Remidog, but he's got killer jumps for a white boy & don't get me started on those radar ears!!

We watched the Texans game in Midtown. I tried a Moon Driver at the Front Porch Pub for the first time and holy shizzle! Good times right here! Definitely recommend you try one stat!

Gorgeous walkway in Midtown that I couldn't pass up!

The ride home after the game is always fun! Well for me it is Lol! E is always very focused on getting us home in one piece and I'm always singing/rapping really loud and taking multiple selfies! This is what drinking does to me.. makes me super duper excitamated! Might be cause I don't do it often haha! Poor Elliott haha!

Almost home but first.. Let me take a selfie through Fancy's mirror!
Cheese Bitches!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Let's start that rat race, again..

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