Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Finnashit got a new collar this weekend. He is now pimping a brown leather collar.  He's not too happy about it but he looks all types of official now. E has been working on getting Finnashit to understand basic commands like heel, stay, sit, & come. Finnashit works fantastical when treats are involved but gets a little distracted when there aren't any. Sounds very similar to me :)

Texas Tea is my all time favorite tea!

We got rid of cable and bought an Apple TV. Can't figure out why we didn't do this switch sooner.

The boys got a much needed bath. It had nothing to do with the disaster Finnashit caused in his crate, I swear.

Remidog has sweet chompers for a kid that grew up on the streets.

See how concerned Finnashit is with what's going on with his big brother?! :)

I'm hosting a Jamberry fundraiser for Barrio Dogs! 20% of sales goes straight to this awesome dog rescue group here in Houston. Buy awesome nail wraps with all sorts of designs and help save some pups in the process. Join the fun Barrio Dogs Jamberry Fundraiser Facebook group for previews of new designs or just go straight to the party and buy you some goodies!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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