Monday, September 8, 2014

PSA: Choose Your Battles Wisely

I'm sure you've heard something similar to this quote before. The common saying I hear is, "Choose your battles wisely." I relate it to relationships in my life and not just amorous relationships. Work relationships, friendships, family relationships. All types of relationships.

For the last couple of months or so, I've thought about this quote almost daily. It keeps me from saying and/or doing things that will either hurt someone around me or get me in serious trouble. 

This weekend, my feelings were hurt (bitchslapped is more like it) because someone did not choose their battles wisely. I was put in a position that would have normally made me fight back. Thanks to this saying, I chose not to say or do anything to make the situation worse. I simply walked away, better yet- I hung up the phone.

I chose not to fight because I knew if I did, I would feel terrible. I knew that getting myself all worked up would accomplish nothing. I knew this person was being a jackass and would feel shitty about it later. I knew I wouldn't get an apology at a later time though and that it would not be brought up again by said person. See, I've learned this persons pattern. The battles this person chooses with me never end well. In fact, all they do is bring more resentment to the relationship. Sometimes I feel that if I reciprocate, they will realize how they've made me feel. Then I remember that if this person gave a shit, they wouldn't do this to me.

It's hard to keep your mouth shut when someone you care for is pushing your buttons.
It's even harder to come back from the shit you'll say or do because your buttons have been pushed.

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