Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

The feels for this weekend were intense. As you can see above, E & I bought our first home. Still lots to sort out.. its a lot of ppwk when you sign your soul away, yanno LOL! I can't begin to tell you how excitamated I am and freaking scared too. This is HUGE commitment and up until a week ago, we weren't even thinking of buying. We've been on a search for a house to rent but since no one wants our big kids.. the search was getting really frustrating. We decided to check out these builders, with no expectations, that my mom told us about. We met with them on Saturday and weren't too impressed. Our visit was short but we made an appt for the next day, Sunday to check out the models. We ended up getting a house we hadn't even thought of looking on a corner lot with a big backyard for our kids. The experience so far has been great.. and I'm sure they'll be hiccups along the way but we'll deal with them as they come.. cause that's what adults do, right?! ;) 

So yeah, we bought our first home and that picture is us struggling to stake our sold sign on the ground LOL Reed Casa won't be complete till the end of September so that gives us enough time to get the rest of our ducks in a row :) 

Jay gave no effs during Shark Week haha!

On our way to see the casas yesterday, we stopped at this small joint called Banditos Taco Grill that is really close to where our new house is. Ah, that sounds funny.. New House! Ha! Anyway, we checked the grub out and boy were we impressed. The prices are decent and the service is great. The tacos are really large so our massive order ended up being our take home dinner haha!

Finnster is still a little shit and is spoiled like crazy! I mean, look at him. Hogging the couch while he takes a nap. Lucky ass kid!

The guts of our cute wittle home <3

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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