Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Snapshots


I had a productive weekend, some what. I found legit looking casas to rent. Saw a few in person (the outside) and checked them off my list. Its important that the next house we live in looks nice and safe at all hours of the day and night. Some of those looked straight hood. No can do. We also need a backyard, a big one for my big kids. Jay's not much of a perimeter runner but Remidog sure is. He'll definitely enjoy a bigger backyard. Side Note: I'm so in love with my new Kate Spade planner..

Packing all my cameras...

After reading the Divergent series in what seemed like a week.. I finally watched the movie. Well, half of the movie. It was late and I fell asleep. My thoughts so far... none of the characters seem to have great chemistry with each other. Especially Tobias and Tris.. I don't feel/see the connection/bond that they totally have in my head. Another thing that's weird is how none of the scenes flow into the next one. It literally "flows" like the book did. Which is okay for a book, but a movie should have a nice smooth transition from scene to scene. As we all know though, books rarely turn into great movies. I'm still pretty excitamated to finish watching this movie..

This didn't actually happen during the weekend. This was Thursday when I went somewhere for work. The parking spaces all have numbers and Fancy and I always park at 84 (when available) since that's my birth year.. and well, why not right? :)

Really don't need to say much here right?! Bey taking over as usual.. this time with Nicki Minaj. It's important you know that I don't like Nicki. At. All. I'm kind of "meh" when it comes to this song. I thought the original was pretty damn good so whatevs. Click the play symbol to check it out.

Please read this Buzzfeed link about what this remix meant for the internet.. I promise it will crack you up. :)

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