Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home Purchasing: What I've learned so far

We've been looking for a house to purchase for a little over a week now. As you know, we almost bought a house but backed out due to not feeling very confident about the builder. We moved on and placed a bid on a lovely house this past Sunday. More shadyness happened and last night we decided to get out before we got screwed. -enter sad face here-

Here's what I've learned about the bullshit that comes with searching for a home..

  • Home listing photos lie. That backyard isn't as big as you think.
  • Ask for proof if it was recently replaced. Ex: AC, roof, foundation, etc.
  • Don't assume that the price on the listing is what the house will appraise for.
  • Don't act desperate, it gives them leverage over you.
  • Consider your daily commute before going out to see a house.
  • Be picky but not too picky.
  • Find out what HOA/Maintenance fees are.
  • Find out what your property taxes will be.
  • Watch out for haters. The folks that want the best for you but hate on your decision to buy said house.
  • Ask your realtor a lot of questions.
  • Make decisions as fast as is reasonably possible.
  • Don't apply for new credit, buy a car or change jobs.
  • Start your search early.
  • Stay current on all of your accounts.
  • Get a realtor you like & can trust. This process might take a while.
  • Be prepared to play games with Sellers & their Realtors. A lot of games.

And most importantly, don't let this process stress you out. You want to throw positivity in the air so that good things come your way. Getting into an argument with your spouse because you were to eager to get the house or didn't show enough excitement is just not worth it. You'll buy a house and it might not be the perfect house for you.. but it doesn't have to be your first and last house. It would be nice if it was like that because no one really likes to move.. but chances are you'll end up moving at some point.

We haven't reached the 10 day option period on a house just yet.. so I'm sure there's much more for me to learn. I'll keep ya posted :) Wish us luck!

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