Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come on August, you're killing me..

I thought we were in the clear. I thought we had made a great decision. I thought we were on our way to starting a new adventure.. the Reed Family that is. But I was wrong...

We decided to back out of purchasing our new home. There were some things we weren't fully convinced about and some things that made no sense what so ever. The major thing we weren't happy with was the fact that the homes in the neighborhood we were going to buy in, hardly keep their value. That's a huge no no for us. We can't afford to buy this house and then lose in the long run. Making the decision to continue with that purchase could have potentially ruined us. We weren't willing to take any chances so we decided to keep looking.

It's a tough decision for us. We really liked the house and were ecstatic to move. After talking to E's coworker attorneys and our Realtor, we knew we had to pass on that house. So back to the drawing board we go.. back to the stress and frustration of searching for a home and bidding on it before anyone else does..

August has been tough.. really tough but we will pull through. We will make this home buying business our bitch and find the perfect home for us. This is your heads up.. I won't be online as much as I'd like ->FB, IG, this blog<- due to packing, searching and oh there's that one thing that a lot of you have... a job! LOL! Lots going on but I will try my best to keep folks updated as much as I can.

Mucho thanks for all the well wishes! We cannot express how grateful we are to have such supporting friends & family! <3

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