Thursday, July 31, 2014

Writing Prompts

The mister and I (+ our pack) are moving at the end of August. While packing my books up, I found this book --> 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers' Grotto. I think it may have been gifted to me for Christmas one year, not sure. I think I scanned it a bit but I never wrote in it. I do remember thinking that I wouldn't write in it, but that I would write my answers in a spiral of some sort. You know, in case I'd like to gift it or share it with someone else. I've never considered myself a writer. Being a blogger doesn't necessarily make me a legit writer. Especially since my vocabulary is full of fantastical (& sometimes creative) curse words LOL

Like most bloggers, I don't know what to write about sometimes.. which is why you see a lot of pictures from the shenanigans my friends and I get into or pictures of my furkids. Sometimes I feel like if I post too much, that it'll sort of be like spamming... which is why I post two or three times a week. Sometimes I want to transfer my blog over to tumblr so that I can repost shit from there... then I remember that most tumblr pages are not really blogs. More like Facebook with all the meme sharing. Guess it can sort of be considered lazy blogging LOL

Tonight I'm going to look through this book and see what kind of writing prompts I can use for my blog. Maybe I can start scheduling posts for future days.. something I've always wanted to do. Or maybe if I find a coolass prompt and use it on my blog, you might be inclined to use it too. Yeah. That would be kind of cool.

Two more things..

Yesterday was my babygirls birthday. Jaylaface turned 8 years old and I am so grateful to be her mama. She's the sweetest and smartest kid I've ever had & my life wouldn't be the same without her. We celebrated by giving her a bath, which in a way is kind of messed up LOL She received an excessive amount of cuddles. We ordered pizza and made sure to give her our crusts because she gives madd kisses when we do.

August starts tomorrow and I'm super excitamated about it. Why you ask?! Because I finally get to use my Kate Spade Planner!! You saw how excitamated I was two months ago when I bought it. Imagine that times two LOL!

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