Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Snapshots | Birthdays

We didn't celebrate Independence Day like we usually do. With a new kid in the house, we wanted to make sure everything went smoothly for him with the new experience. Oh, there was also the fact that we were feeling super duper lazy. Yeah, that helped a lot :)

We went out Saturday night to celebrate a friends birthday. Drinking and laughing till late is completely different in your thirties. You feel the hangover all over your body the next day. Seriously. I think I still feel it today and it's freaking Monday morning. It was nice to hang out with our friends though. These are folks we've lost touch with because life happened. It always puts a huge smile on my face when we can go months without seeing each other and when we do, its as if we never skipped a beat. True friendships are hard to find & I'm glad to call these folks my friends.

I worked on wk 8 of PL Saturday morning. I'm still waaaay behind and I'm starting to think maybe working on the smaller binders is the right move for me. I told myself I'd try 6 months of it and then decide. Seeing as how i'm still in Feb.. I have a ways to go. I bought a cute purple Moleskine that I'm stoked about. Journaling is refreshing for the soul so I'm looking forward to that.

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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