Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: The Last Ship | TV Series

If you haven't already heard (or seen), Michael Bay (Transformers) has a new TV series out on TNT called The Last Ship. TNT is one of those channels I hardly ever watch. I'm not much of a channel flipper either since I have a cable guide and really don't need to flip channel by channel. A coworker actually told me about the show. I love spoilers so she basically told me everything that happened in the first episode to get me sucked in.

This TV series, The Last Ship, is exactly that.. the last American ship standing (or sailing?). A crazy airborne virus is taking over the worlds population and The Last Ship is the only chance we have to find the cure. Due to 80% of the worlds population being wiped out, there are no governments left. No law. No peace. Everyone is freaking out.

The main characters in this series are CO CDR Tom Chandler, played by Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Dr. Rachel Scott, played by Rhonda Mitra (Underworld: Rise of the Lycons) and XO Mike Slattery, played by Adam Baldwin (Chuck). The acting isn't stellar from these three or the rest of the crew but the story keeps you engaged so it's totally worth a watch.

The story is pretty interesting, I mean who doesn't like this type of suspense. Speaking of suspense, this show is packed with it. There's a bit of action and thankfully no love story, yet. LOL! Everyone is fighting for their lives and they have no idea who is still alive or if they have enemies. The Last Ship premiered June 22nd and currently has two episodes out. You can catch new episodes on Sunday nights at 8PM CST which is perfect for me because GOT is done for a while. Another show that just came out is The Leftovers on HBO, need to watch the pilot asap.

Below is the trailer for The Last Ship. Whatcha think?!

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