Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Snapshots | Finn's Shenanigans

The Finnster & I went on a road trip Friday afternoon. It was his first road trip and thankfully he slept the entire ride (almost 4 hours). If he wasn't sleeping in the seat next to me, he was sleeping on my lap. He's still a puppy so it makes sense that he would sleep the entire trip. Where were we headed you ask?! We were headed back to Kingsland, Texas to meet up with E for the weekend. He was there a couple days before us working on some things at the lake house. The plan wasn't to join him but at the last minute we decided I would head out there with the Finnster.

Lots of sleep action for the Finnster this weekend!
Finn was all smiles on his way home!
We found out that Finn is not a water dog. He totally disappointed us. We tried to coax him into the pool but he wasn't having it. I picked the mama's boy up and took him into the pool with me. He wasn't having that either. As soon as I'd let go of him, he's swim his ass to the edge and get out. He is a very good swimmer and a fast little turd at that LOL! We also learned that he isn't that big of a cry baby when his crate is in the bedroom with us at night. House breaking a puppy is not an easy task. E & I haven't had a puppy in the house for 8+ years & this little man is definitely working our nerves. 

He's learned the sit and stay when his food is placed in front of him. He also learned to escape the fence at the lake house and run from us when we approach him. Little shit LOL! He is getting a little better on the leash and the 'beso' (kiss) command :) 

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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