Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Review | Evita Musical

The ladies & I went to see the Evita Musical as a late Mother's Day gift!

Seeing a fancy schmancy musical meant I had to dress up. A while back I bought this H&M shirt and haven't had an excuse to wear it until now. Also, our view wasn't too bad. We could see the entire stage and hear everything perfectly.

My mom had a great time! How do I know?! She was humming & giggling the entire time. :) My sister & and I had to shh! her a couple of times cause she was getting too loud LOL! At the end when the chick who played Evita came out to bow, my mom started yelling and clapping loud as if we were at a sports game LOL! We couldn't stop laughing at her haha!! We really enjoyed the show, the singing & dancing was on point. It was very nice to see our flag on the stage for most of the show! Viva Argentina!!

Nice little quote I found in June's edition of REAL SIMPLE magazine. Yes I still order magazines. Yes I am old school. Yes I have way too many subs to read. Yes I'm very, very far behind. No you cannot judge me. Let's all have some damn manners please.

Lazy Finn yesterday afternoon. E & I did some heavy duty yard work and I think watching us work so hard rubbed off on Little Man Finn and tired him out haha! Little turd is almost as tall as our JRT Leana Little. Hope he doesn't grow anymore, he's cute as a little man!

Hope you had a great weekend & Congratulations again to Diana LaBoy for winning the 4-pk to Comicpalooza!!

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