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Friday Love 05.09.14 | Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts by ariana-shankasaurus on Polyvore

Mother's Day is this weekend. I always have a hard time getting my mom gifts and it's not because I don't know what she likes. It's because she has everything she needs/wants & if she doesn't.. she'll go get it as soon as she wants it. LOL! So yes, she makes it pretty hard for my sister & I to get her something. So if your mom is anything like mine.. maybe some of the ideas above will help ya out this Mother's Day.

Some of these you can find on short notice at places like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. My mom isn't tech savvy but she has a tablet and likes to read books on the Kindle App so I figured she'd be down for an Amazon gift card. Best part of a gift card like this is that you can email it to her on Sunday or print it out to give to her in a sweet greeting card. A sweet greeting card like the breast milk one up there LOL!

Polaroid cameras are a win no matter what age you are! Most moms love jewelry so I picked a heart ring from James Avery & a locket from Etsy. The pillow is super unique but definitely not something you could get on short notice.. unless you make it yourself. I picked a flower print from a friend of mine because I think moms love flowers but not so much when they die. This one will live forever and it's pretty damn gorgeous! The nail kit is a given. What mom wouldn't love one of those?! The only reason why I included an Ikea lamp is because for a while my mom was obsessed with finding the perfect night stand lamp. I don't quite think she found one she loves but this one is pretty basic. Mom & I are huge fans of Peach Iced Tea and this machine or one similar is definitely a plus in our family. Might buy this for myself soon LOL!

Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day whether you're a mom or not. Don't forget that if you have a four-legged child, you're technically a mama also. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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