Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Love 05.23.14 | Vinted.com

I recently discovered Vinted.com and I've been buying, selling and swapping like crazy. You can do all of this on the site or on your smart phone. It reminds me a lot of thrifting.. online thrifting! You can make offers on items or swap one of your items for someone else's. Everyone is super polite and helpful! 

I like that Vinted handles the money and shipping/tracking for you. You add pictures for your item and as much info as you can provide about it. Add a price and the shipping, which is determined by weight. Once someone purchases one of your goodies, Vinted emails you a shipping label and holds the items money until the buyer has received their purchase. Put the label on the package and put it out for USPS to pick up. Pretty simple and it works out great for both sides because you know exactly what's going on at all times.

Check out these screenshots I took of the app on my iPhone. 

Searching for something in particular is really simple. You can search by specific category (left) or by specific keyword, price, size, conditions, color, location, etc. (right).

Aside from the easy shipping process I really like that you can love an item and it'll save so if the seller lowers the price, you'll receive a notification. Sometimes I really want the item but the price isn't right so I save it and ponder on it a bit. (Left: A bag I'm selling. Right: A satchel bag from F21 that I've been eyeballing.) You also get a notification with new followers and if one of the folks you're following adds a new item.

Hashtags are definitely something used almost all over the web and Vinted is no different. You can use hashtags on your original post and comments. You can also tag users, which can be helpful when you want your homie to check something awesome out. Another thing you can do is send a private message to in case you're not ready to make an offer just yet.

Lots & lots of name brand stuffs. I've been obsessing over Kate Spade goodies so I search them pretty much every day. Don't judge me. On the right you can see what the menu looks like on the app.

When it comes to swapping, Vinted recommends you change the price to $1+shipping so this way you can get a shipping label with tracking and Vinted can handle the money part for you. I've made it a point to only swap with folks who have swapping feedback. I rather not get screwed over yanno.

If you have questions, the Vinted crew is super helpful & respond pretty quickly. Or you can ask me, I'll try to help as much as I can. :) FYI, I use bags similar to these for shipping small things and print the label on regular paper.. cut it out and put it on the bag with pretty washitape or use these adhesive shipping labels from Amazon.

My Vinted acct is full of things I've thrifted or things I've been gifted that just aren't my style (mom don't get mad at me lol). Check my goodies out here --> a_shankasaurus @ vinted.com. If ya make an acct, follow me & i'll do the same for you! :)

P.S. COMICPALOOZA STARTED TODAY!! I'll be there manana for sure and I. AM. PUMPED!!

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