Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY: Stencil Text on Fabric

For Mother's Day, I hooked my mom up with a custom made pillow. Well, the wording was custom.. the pillow itself, not so much LOL! E & I are all about that team work so of course he'd be helping me out. Mostly because he's more artsy than I am and his tracing skills would be mucho better. I got the idea for this while searching Mother's Day gifts on Etsy. I even used it for my blog post here. I think custom made work is beautiful and can definitely be time consuming. Sometimes a bit pricey as well. What I loved most about this project was that I knew my mama would appreciate it so much more knowing that her kids made it for her.

Here is what you'll need:
  1. Whatever fabric you want to use
  2. A mechanical pencil (we were going to go with a regular pencil but a mechanical pencil works a bit better)
  3. A fabric marker (Stained by Sharpie worked great for us)
  4. A ruler
  5. A piece of cardboard
  6. Washi tape or any kind of tape that won't damage the fabric
  7. A letter stencil or if you have a cutting machine like we do, you can cut your own stencil (we used a Silhouette Portrait). If you use a cutting machine, use thick cardstock for the paper stencil.
  8. Iron for before and after

If you use a cutting machine, make sure you pick a font for your stencil that will work out for you. Thickness and size of the font really matter. I went with Black Jack as my font because it's one of my favs and the word Mother looked pretty easy to trace.

Before you do anything else, make sure the fabric is ironed and that you put a cardboard in between. It's important you iron because the creases can be deceiving & if you don't use a cardboard, you may have problems with the ink bleeding through.

Once I printed out the paper stencil, we used the ruler to figure out where on the pillow we wanted the words to go. We were going to attach some fabric flowers to the top left corner but then decided the words would be enough. Once we figured out where to put the paper stencil, E used some washi tape to attach it to the pillow.

When E finished the pencil tracing, he went over it with the Stained by Sharpie marker. I have to give mucho credit to the Sharpie folks because this marker is fantastical. It's odorless and glides smoothly on fabric with its brush like tip. I can't say much on the fading because we didn't wash the pillowcase afterwards but it is a permanent marker. I imagine there will be a bit of fading but nothing too noticeable.

After E finished tracing, he gave me the marker to fill everything in. Team work yanno! Once everything was done, we let it sit for a bit before we ironed it on. Lots of folks say that you should place something over the ink when ironing like freezer paper or something similar but we didn't have any problems putting the iron on the surface of the ink. 

And then ta-da! Custom made fabric pillow complete! I think I mentioned everything but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or shoot me an email. :)

Pillowcase ($6.99) & Stained by Sharpie marker ($2.59) purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

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