Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Review | Wendy, Willie & Friends

Found this thrifting in Culver, Texas <3

We love our state like a mama bear loves her cubs! We have our flaws like any other state when it comes to our gov't but we're trying to make it better. My husband works for a law firm that heavily supports Senator Wendy Davis and her campaign to be the next Texas governor. Because of this, I was invited to attend a fundraiser campaign for her featuring the man himself, Willie Nelson. I'm not a big country fan but I am very familiar with a lot of his music and the type of stuff he advocates for.


Elliott told me I couldn't bring my camera so these are from my iPhone. Not too bad huh?! We had a good time listening to feel good music and some fantastical Texas backyard barbeque. I don't think either of us could ever live without barbeque, it speaks to our soul LOL!

Big shout out to my husband Elliott. Today is his 31st birthday! 

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