Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Revlon's Chic is Sophistication at it's Finest

I'm not much of a girly girl but sometimes I paint my nails. I don't have the patience for it most of the time so its pretty rare. I'm a lover of all shades of blue so this color should be of no surprise to you. I first read about this color when Tamira (Lipstick with Some Sunshine), blogged about it. I knew I had to have it and found it by surprise at HEB when I was grocery shopping.

This nail polish is by Revlon and it's called 480 Chic. I also use Revlon's Multi Care Base+Top Coat which is the 965. Using both of these makes the polish last longer, doesn't require a lot of coats and it takes care of my nail below the polish. It's definitely one of my must have nail polishes. I bought Essie's Cuticle Oil Monday and I can feel the difference in my cuticles already. It smells great and it's not greasy like most cuticle oils.

Don't mind a couple of those nails up there ^^. Having a mama's boy puppy in the house is tough sometimes. You can't get anything done and when you do, the kid will make sure to pee on it, chew on it or have you chase him around the house trying to get it back. Oh & those scratches you see on my hands are also from Little Man. LOL!

Another must have when it comes to my nails is the nail polish remover above. I don't like having to use cotton balls, especially if I (or Little Man) messes one nail up. I can't get E to remove the polish off one nail because he can't stand touching cotton balls LOL This makes it way easier, smells good and doesn't dry out my nails/fingers. This particular one is only sold at HEB but Cutex has a couple you can look into.

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